Sales Executive

As Sales Executive

(Use the TAB and SHIFT+TAB key or mouse pointer to navigate between the fields)

To sell a vehicle:

From the Main Menu select “Stock Control” then “Sell a Vehicle”

  • Tab “Sell Vehicle
    Here you would capture the client detail if it is a cash deal
    If it is a bank deal, the client detail is captured here and the financial institution’s data on the “Invoice To” tab
    If the buyer is a company enter their proxy detail here and the company detail on the “Invoice To” tab
    Click the “Next” button at the bottom right of the page
  • Tab “Sale Detail
    Select the sales person
    Enter the financial detail of the transaction here
    Click the “Next” button at the bottom right of the page
  • Tab “Invoice To
    Enter the financial institution detail here if it is a bank deal
    If it is a company purchasing the vehicle, enter the company detail here
  • Tab “Invoicing, OTP and Payment”
    On this page you can generate all the relevant documents related to the sale
    Offer to Purchase (OTP) – the standard validity of an OTP is seven days. To change this, select an appropriate date from the calendar
    FA Cover Sheet – this document will have all the vehicle and client detail on to submit with the finance application
    Invoice – generate the sales invoice with all the relevant data on it
  • All transactions are flagged and colour coded:
    • Offer to Purchase = Yellow
    • Fin App = Red
    • Invoiced = Green
  • Double click mouse on selected vehicle for a pop up summary of vehicle detail
  • Right click┬ámouse anywhere for a pop up summary of all transactions for the month