Connecting the Mini-Server and Installing the Program

  • Connect the mini server to your router with the Ethernet cable supplied
  • Power up the mini server with the power supply supplied
  • Open the Windows File Explorer and select Network
  • Double click on the Aeroworxserver
  • Open the DbBackup folder and double click the “SetupACarsV1.exe” file and follow the prompts
  • A shortcut will be created on the desktop
  • Launch and run the program

Initial Login

The person responsible for the initial setup can log in as:

Username: admin
Password: admin (this should be changed later for security reasons)
You will now be logged is as ADMINISTRATOR (full permissions and rights)

  • From the main menu navigate to the most left tab “Administrator”
  • Enter your company detail which will appear on the┬áSales Documents
  • Resize your company letterhead logo to 100 x 100 pixels rename it to logo.jpg and place it the root directory where the ACars program was installed (typically C:\ACars) The logo will appear in the top left corner of the Sales Documentation
  • Add users and their specific roles as:
    • Administrator (full rights and permissions)
    • Admin (basic access to add stock and update data)
    • Sales Manager (add users, dealers as suppliers, clear sale detail, add stock and update)
    • Sales Executive (sell stock, recall invoice, stock and sales summaries)