As Administrator

(Use the TAB and SHIFT+TAB key or mouse pointer to navigate between the fields)

Select the Administrator tab from where you do the following:

  • Add or edit your company detail which will appear on the┬árelated sales documents in the top center
  • Add or edit users (we recommend to keep a user on record even after resignation for the purpose of the sale summary)
  • Add a dealer as regular supplier of stock
  • Clear a sale detail in the event of a cancellation before payment was received
  • Export the Stock table as a .csv file for back up purposes
  • Edit the database manually (WARNING – for advanced users only – you do this at own risk, we recommend you rather get your IT person to assist)
  • Do a manual back up of the database (we recommend you to do this on a daily basis) The backups are date and time stamped for easier restore reference
  • All transactions are flagged and colour coded:
    • Offer to Purchase = Yellow
    • Fin App = Red
    • Invoiced = Green