As Admin Person

(Use the TAB and SHIFT+TAB key or mouse pointer to navigate between the fields)

  • Select “Stock Control” from the Main Menu where you do the following:
    • Add or Update a vehicle (stock will be displayed in the grid view at the bottom)
    • To add a vehicle select the green “Add Vehicle” button on the navigation bar
      • Vehicle Tab – use the drop down selection boxes to select the vehicle detail (as supplied by Trans Union)
      • Click the “Edit” button to edit the detail (you need to re-select the data from Make downwards to prevent inaccurate capture of data)
      •  Detail Tab – fill out the purchase detail; if supplied by a dealer which is not listed click the “Add Dealer” button to add the new dealer
      • Supplied By Tab – fill these fields if not supplied by a dealer
      • Expenses Tab – add or edit expenses on the vehicle
  • Recall Invoice – recall an invoice by Stock ID or VIN No
  • Clear Sale Detail – clear the sale detail by entering the Stock ID in the event of a deal being cancelled or declined by the bank
  • Stock Summary Tab – show and print Stock on Hand, Sales and Purchases summary by selective date period. Use the calendars to select dates
  • All transactions are flagged and colour coded:
    • Offer to Purchase = Yellow
    • Fin App = Red
    • Invoiced = Green