ACars Features

  • No monthly fees, an once off payment secures a peace of mind¬†effective stock control program!
  • All vehicle data is supplied by Trans Union with free regular updates from Aeroworx Software
  • The software detects the culture of the PC thus the program can be used internationally
  • The program database runs on an autonomous¬†loose standing Mini-Server (included in the purchase price) easy installation; simply connect the server to your router with the Ethernet cable supplied and power up
  • The Mini-Server connects to your network via your Router enabling up to 20 PC’s to connect to the Mini-Server (thus up to 20 users can log in at the same time)
  • Simply run the installation Setup file from the Mini-Server on each computer that is going to be used and log in (different roles are assigned with different privileges
    i. e. Admin, Sales Executive, Sales Manager and Administrator)
  • Add vehicles to stock; edit vehicle detail; add expenses to vehicles; get an expenses summary of each vehicle
  • Sell vehicles; generate a Fin App Cover Sheet, an Offer to Purchase and an Invoice with your own logo, company and banking detail on the forms
  • Print and or save a Stock on Hand Summary showing total units and stock value based on suggested retail price
  • Print and or save a month / year to date Sales Summary (or between any dates selected)
  • Print and or save a month / year to date Purchases Summary (or between any dates selected)
  • View and or print a Capital Cost Summary of all vehicles in stock
  • Double click on any selected vehicle for a Pop Up Summary of days in stock, cost, margin etc.
  • Right click anywhere for a Complete Transaction Summary of Offer To Purchases, Finance Applications, Invoices and Sales
  • Tool tips are shown for ease of use
  • Download Sales Documents (VAT264 & NCO Forms) from the Support page
  • An Online User Manual is available and linked to the Help page in the program

Report Summary Samples